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Aycan Mısırlıoğlu Lewis

Aycan Lewis (pronounced “Eye-jhan”) is a self-taught artist, born and raised in Southern Turkey, currently living in New York City. She began her art journey in South Florida by designing and hand painting custom t-shirts. Along the way she educated herself on drawing, painting and design (digital and physical) with online educational tools and in-person workshops. Her current focus is mixing representational and abstract ideas together in her artwork. Her subject matter centers around shedding light on individuals with mental illness whom are the victims of our present culture and society, as well as modern human issues. Aycan transforms her daily life experience into a visual journey with her lively color palette and intricate patterns. She expresses the contrast of a colorful lifestyle and the dysphoria she perceives in life.


Aycan has worked professionally with murals, digital paintings, graphic design, digital print/merchandise, hand painting on textiles, and web design. She also is involved with several group shows, by invitation or jurial selection in South Florida and New York City.


She uses “Soul of the Moon” as an alias for some of her projects, which is the ethnic translation of her name in her Turkish native language.

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